PG -13     138 minutes     Malay     2D


Pinjamkan Hatiku tell a story about long lost friends, Laila and Naufal reunited again which later on leads to their romance. Laila Safitri (Ayda Jebat), a novelist visited her hometown, when she was discovered with fatal disease. There, she met back with her school friends and one of them is Naufal (Shaheizy Sam), the most naughty boy back then in school. Naufal, one fine lad, is a family man and likes to stay in a village. He likes to 'play' with nature and an environment and humanitarian activist because he like to contribute to other people, since he always feel that he does not have much time left. Reunited back with Laila, Naufal felt alive again and the two then fall in love. But sweet momeries only last for a while when Naufal suddenly disappear from Laila's. Naufal's mother then asked Laila to move on because Naufal already 'dead'. Devastated by the news, Laila then move on and married her doctor, Dr Hasnan (Farid Kamil) and rebuild her life in New Zealand, away from any thoughts that reminds her of Naufal, the love of her life. However, Laila can't lie to herself that she is still in love with Naufal, caused her marriage with Dr Hasnan is on the rocks. Want to know whether Laila still together with Dr Hasnan or living with the memory of her old boyfriend.





Shaheizy Sam, Ayda Jebat, Farid Kamil, Lia Natalia, Normah Damanhuri, Azizah Mahzan, Sharifah Haslinda