18+     97 minutes     Mandarin     2D


Hao Wen(JC Chee) is a 33-year-old successful high-flier who excels in both work and relationship. He lives his life surrounding himself with beautiful women, promoting his life motto – living life to its fullest. One day after an argument with his supervisor, he quit his job and travelled to the beautiful beach Kenting, Taiwan, enjoying his life every day. However, the arrival of Xiao Feng(Debbie Loo) brought tremendous changes to HaoWen’s life, turning his world completely upside down. “Daddy!” - the worst nightmare that HaoWen could never have imagined is finally happening – having an eight year old daughter. The existence of Xiao Feng has brought so many troubles to HaoWen’s life, resulting him losing all his girlfriends and his charm. At this moment, HaoWen’s ex-colleague (Shawn), came to him and advised him to return to his company. As strong-headed and prideful HaoWen is, it is impossible for him to admit his mistake and goes back as an underdog. While going through the hardships HaoWen faces in his life, he starts to notice a change of heart – he enjoys and misses the companion of Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng always find ways to cheer him up when he is down and she is always there. Just when they were starting to get along really well, HaoWen, revealing a secret about Xiao …….

Comedy, Romance


Lee Kok Heng


JC Chee, Jeana Ho, Emily Kong, Debbie Loo