PG -13     90 minutes     Malay     2D


The Malay Regiment films were published to raise awareness to all Malaysians about the service of military personnel in defending the homeland from communist threats. Throughout the INSURGENSI many members of the dead and injured tetrains there were some who had permanent disabilities to this day. These unmarried heroes should be remembered and be named "HERO" responsible for making Malaysia a peaceful and harmonious state today. The Malay Regiment also examined the third will in seven Malay Rulers will be known to all Malaysians to be defended by the Malays. The story of this struggle has attracted grandchildren to Captain Zainal, Lt Hamid and Lt. Young Razak to find out more exactly what happened when his grandfather served as a military. The meeting with Major Retired General Abu Bakr has revealed all the questions and stories behind the battle that took place when their grandfather fought. Their grandfather's story has convinced them all to make them proud to be part of the heirs of fighters who defended the country from communist threats.



Dato’ Jurey Latiff Rosli


Yuswaisar, Zack Zamree, Mazlan Mokhtar, Dato’ Ahmad Tamimi Siregar, Kamal Adli, Falisha Corssley, Noni AF, Normah Damanhuri, Nad Zainal.