PG -13     129 minutes     Hindi     2D


Prashant Sharma is a family man in a middle class family, who in his younger days, dreamt of becoming a singer and songwriter. It was more the lack of opportunity than talent that never realized his dream. His almost dead dream finds a new life with the birth of his daughter, who he ambitiously names Lata. Pinning his hopes on his teenage daughter, he takes her to singing contests where the awkward and overweight girl struggles to belt out a tune, leaving one wondering if she really has the talent to be a star singer. When Prashant is suddenly fired because of cut backs, he is ashamed and even more desperate to have his daughter succeed. In a chance meeting while job hunting, Prashant runs into Baby Singh, India’s biggest popstar but also a simple girl at heart, who’s tired of all the unwanted attention and just wants a break from the fakeness of the glamour world. The story takes a comical turn when Prashant in the spur of the moment decides to kidnap her. His ransom demand - Lata to be heard by the whole country in the most popular music show – LIVE- else he would kill the pop star. Will things go as planned? Is Lata really talented enough to deserve to be a star? And most importantly, will the show go on? Told in a most hilarious and heartwarming way, the film tells us how far a father would go to make his daughter’s dream come true.

Comedy, Musical


Atul Manjrekar


Aishwarya Rai, Anil Kapoor, Rajkumar Rao